Press Reviews

„Die Fledermaus“ in Stuttgart
"The Orchestra of the Stuttgart State University of Music and Performing Arts gave a splendid performance under the careful direction of Ulrich Kern. (…) At the end there was great cheering and shouts of “Bravo” for the ensemble of the Opera School."
Online Merker - Die internationale Kulturplattform, 31.1.2024, Alexander Walther

"Simplicius Simplicissimus" von Karl Amadeus Hartmann
"OPERNWELT 2023", about SIMPLICIUS SIMPLICISSIMUS by Karl Amadeus Hartmann with Ulrich Kern at the podium:
“listed in the critics ‘survey as the most unusual performance of the season.

"Musically, this impressive composition is in the best hands with Ulrich Kern.”
Sächsische Zeitung, 5th June 2023, Jens Daniel Schubert, review about the opera „Simplicius Simplicissimus“ by K.A. Hartmann

Makabri ! Makabri !
"Soprano Yeree Suh and conductor Ulrich Kern fill the concert of the Stuttgart Philharmonic with humor and precision. (...) Ulrich Kern directs the strings as well as the excellent wind soloists elegantly, with much sense for the one-composed dance forms and for the theatrical potential of the piece through the many effectively placed notes. (...) Finally, Beethoven's Eighth. Kern clearly illuminates rhythmic - metric battle zones. The symphony sounds racy, clean as a whistle, pushing forward, granting brilliant moments to the solo cellist and proving that humor can also be subtle.”
Stuttgarter Zeitung und Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 26.03.22, Susanna Benda

Symphony concert with the Deutschen Radiophilharmonie Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern
"... Here Ulrich Kern convinced with a stylistically confident, gripping conducting, which let the themes clearly emerge (Haydn Symphony No. 83 - Editor's note) (...) Clear contours and secure tempi distinguished the interpretation as well as picturesque, ethereal and enrapting moods, before the symphony ended in a short, sweeping coda.”
Die Rheinpfalz, 1.11.2020, Konstanze Führlbeck

Beethoven 7 with the MDR-Sinfonieorchester
"... Rarely is the audience so excited after a guest performance by the MDR-Orchestra. (...) Cheering, bravo - shouts, stamping their feet - the audience gives free rein to their emotions..."
Tageszeitung Freies Wort Südthüringen, 26.10.2020, Peter Lauterbach

About the „Philharmonisches Konzert“
“Ulrich Kern, associate General Music Director, had perform his orchestra with much verve and inspiration. (...) Kern provided balance, sharpening yet the contrast between the movements. The audience was enthusiastically. Bravo - an excellent performance with the Lausitzer Philharmonie“
Sächsische Zeitung, 25.10.2019, Karsten Blüthgen

About Operetta „Die Fledermaus“
“With Ulrich Kern the evening was an energetic event. He experiences the tunes, provides musicians and singers sufficient leeway. That sounds really good. Not just from the ditch. Even choir and soloists are at their best.“
Sächsische Zeitung, 07.10.2019, Jens Daniel Schubert

Flowers for the bugle
“… Ulrich Kern brought the work to sharp contours, let the brass player shine and the bass thump. (...) The applause and the pounding of the audience in the sold-out hall was a clear sign. More of this fresh color!“
Sächsische Zeitung 20.10.2018, Karsten Blüthgen (about Sibelius‘ 2. Symphony)

"…Here, as a master, Kern confirms, more clearly, more decisively, the thematic threads of neatly tracing structuring, which leads the Philharmonic Orchestra to a convincing, multifaceted interpretation of the symphony. (Schumann, 2nd Symphony, Notes, ed.)”.
Rhein-Zeitung, 31.05.2017, Lieselotte Sauer-Kaulbach

"… Ulrich Kern rise to the top-form in this suite, he dances the pieces formally on his conductor's podium ..."
Sächsische Zeitung 03.01.17, Jens Daniel Schubert

"Kern gave the orchestra wings, always balancing the registers harmoniously. Dynamically, we could hear the melodies in flight, "light and mellifluous", just as their inventor himself heard them in 1878. (Editor's note: Brahms 2nd Symphony)."
Sächsische Zeitung 24.10.2015, Karsten Blüthgen

"66 minutes of 'music by musicians' in the truest sense of the word – played in a virtuoso manner by the soloist as well as by the accompanying orchestra Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken Kaiserlautern, conducted by Ulrich Kern...... The accomplished ensemble playing with sonorous refinement, musical depth and virtuoso lightness is very much impressive. C'est magnifique!"
(Stephan Froleyks, Zeitschrift „Das Orchester“, September 2014, CD „French Trombone Concertos“)

“Ulrich Kern conducted the work by heart, in a competent, superior way and with fascinating charisma. His musicians he not only could get going and motivate for a brilliant performance, he also could enthrall the audience, so that already after the first movement there were spontaneous shouts of „Bravo“.
(Sächsische Zeitung, October 19th 2013)

"Ulrich Kern conducting the Neue Lausitzer Philharmonie does an excellent job“
(Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, April 8th 2013; first night of „Tod eines Bankers“)

"À la bonne heure!"
(Deutschlandfunk, November 26th 2011)

„Guest conductor Ulrich Kern was vouching in the opening und final movements for a passionately vivacious version, embossed by playful brilliance and high speed, placing special emphasis on creative development of melodic subjects. Stirring dynamic in widely upswinging passages, meticulous and filigree formulation of motive nuclei made this interpretation a particular experience.”
(Die Rheinpfalz, November 11th 2010, concert of Deutsche Radiophilharmonie, Haydn Symphonie 52)

“Magical, enchanting! – that is the appropriate expression for the interpretation of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with Ulrich Kern conducting. Right from the first minutes the audience became enthusiastic, convinced, enchanted.”
("La Provence", Beethoven 9. Sinfonie in Aix-en-Provence, June 7th 2010)

„That was not only imaginatively created but also excellently performed.“
(Märkische Allgemeine, December 28th 2009, Concert with the State Orchestra Brandenburg)

"Ulrich Kern seized the opportunity to lead the orchestra to a brilliant chamber music playing, full of genuine feeling with an elegance of performance and culture which we lately had to miss very often over here."
(Thüringer Landeszeitung, May 18th 2009, Concert with the Thüringen Philharmonic Orchestra)

"It continues to be a marvel, how Ulrich Kern realized to conduct his orchestra to such an achievement (...) Perhaps Mahler's First Symphony will never again be heard like this! So genuine and so authentic!"
(Schwäbisches Tagblatt, March 17th 2009, Mahler 1nd Symphony, Tübingen)

“A conductor like Ulrich Kern is welcomed by every good orchestra. For his hands have come to know the gestures of the language of music. And for this the members of an orchestra are especially grateful to him. (...) Top class!“
(Ostthüringer Zeitung, March 22nd 2008, Concert with the Jena Philharmonic Orchestra)

“...finally the great surprise with Tschaikowsky’s Sixth Symphony.(...) That a young conductor, even conducting by heart, brought up as much composure to trace first the inner breath of the Adagio and then let burst into bloom the Russian Soul – that was striking!“
(Thüringer Landeszeitung, March 25th 2008, Concert with the Jena Philharmonic Orchestra)

"The Bochum Symphonics (Bochumer Symphoniker) performed with young Ulrich Kern conducting. Until the final eruption the orchestra established a precise tension in between mechanical rhythm and enchanting timbre. And finally the audience cheered like mad"
(Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, May 22nd 2007; concert with the Bochum Symphonic Orchestra, concerning Ravel's "Bolero")

"... an excellent conductor"
(Siegener Zeitung, January 19th 2007, concert with the Südwestfalen Philharmonic Orchestra)

“The greatest surprise of the evening recital was the finale of Lutoslawski’s “Concerto for Orchestra”, because Ulrich Kern was successful in building up enormous peaks of tension, putting in breathless moments and powerful effects of contrasts and enchanting the complete orchestra. To be totally absorbed in dedication and bathed in perspiration is no longer a matter of course among conductors in our “cool” times. Only Wagnerians can really appreciate the rare talent which is capable of scoring musical climaxes. This extraordinary talent Ulrich Kern possesses – and is the potential of a genius.”
(„Klassik in Berlin“, June 17th 2006, concert with the Konzerthausorchester Berlin)

„Ulrich Kern conducted the orchestra as if he had done nothing else since he was a child. Like an experienced general he lead his army to victory. He knew the full score by heart and with every gesture reflected his deep knowledge of the music. What is more, however, was his engaging aesthetic appearance. The musicians rewarded him by playing superbly. And this brought a storm of applause from the audience. Ulrich Kern – a name to be well remembered in the future!”
(Ostthüringer Zeitung, 04.02.2005, Concert with the Jena Philharmonic Orchetra)

“Ulrich Kern conducted Antonin Dvoràk’s Eight Symphony by heart. This would be only an exterior aspect, if there had not been behind it a conception of inner dynamics and conclusion from the beginning to the end: Inspired strings, noble winds, breathtaking pianissimo in the adagio movement and the setting-out – a fascinating action – no less than the structure of the finale. Bravo!”
(Thüringer Landeszeitung, February 4th 2005, concert with the Jena Philharmonic Orchestra)